Monday, August 23, 2010

It is difficult to keep all my computers up to date.

I probably have too many computers now. I did repair the Macbook top, keyboard and track pad with a used UK version of these. It works but I have lost the front power light and wake up sound. I had promised to give this laptop away and can now do this once everything is backed up. I had planned to save up for a Macbook Pro but now prefer Linux computers. I have changed the operating system on my newish Vostro 1015 laptop to Kubuntu from Ubuntu and have the wireless working and have it working with my new Epson all-in-one printer, thanks to the useful information on the Ubuntu forums about this Epson 610 printer. I keep my XP 64 bit desktop updated. I keep the Debian updated on it and am in the process of upgrading it to Debian 5. I need to update the Trinity OS on it and have some instructions on how to update that to the Ubuntu base 10.4 OS for Trinity. I am considering giving away my netbook to a young girl in the family. I will install Kubuntu first on the netbook and wipe out the other OS on it, so I should back it up today. I will need to buy the parents in the family a book to help them maintain the netbook. Besides my Vostro 1015 laptop, I also am using a new Dell Studio 17 inch laptop running Windows 7. I also have my sub laptop, an Alienware M11X which is fully paid for now. It runs Windows 7 and Debian 5.

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