Thursday, August 13, 2009

Further progress on transfering my e-mail storage to another computer.

I of course, searched Google for solutions to moving my e-mail from the eMac and Mac Mail to my Dell Mini 9 Ubuntu netbook and Evolution Mail. I found a web page helpful, once I sorted out that it is actually only about Mac Mail under Max OS 10.5. Here is the web page: A fellow gamer playing Eve Online helped me sort that out. Mac Mail on Max OS 10.4 does not have an archiving option that the web page mentioned.

The present route I am going now is to use the stored mail on the USB drive and import it into Mac Mail on the Macbook which is running Mac OS 10.5. This is now done. The next step which is now in progress is to archive this newly imported mail box as an mbox file. Then I will need to move this file to the USB drive and copy it to the netbook home folder in a folder named Mail. Then Evolution may be able to import it.

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