Sunday, May 17, 2009

I still need some more parts for the server.

I have the server case, the motherboard, the CPU's and the RAM. I have one 200GB hard drive I was going to use on Remembrance that I can instead use in this server. I still need some hard drive trays for about 10$ plus shipping. I think I need four of them and the shipping for four of them is 25US$ or about 30CND$. That means about 70CND$ just for the hard drive trays. I also would like a 1U keyboard tray with keyboard and these seem to be about 120CND$ on ebay including shipping. So that is a little more than 200$ more. I did find a PCI sound card that will take a stereo input from the mixing board. This cost 51$ but the Linux drivers will be another 50US$ for the license for these drivers. Then I have to think about a video monitor and mounting that on the roto rack which is a 10u wheeled hard plastic rack. It has an AP812 power mixer on top now and a bass Power amp in the bottom and a bass tube preamp.

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