Sunday, March 01, 2009

I am backing up the eMac2 today.

I am using my 160 GB portable drive to back up the eMac2 today. I have 35 GB of free space and the eMac2 documents folder is 21 GB at the moment. So the first goal will be to use the 160 GB drive to back up the documents folder and the desktop, pictures and library folders containing mail. Then I will go to the Macbook and start to burn DVD's of the eMac2 by copying them off the 160 GB drive. Right now I am freeing up some more space on the 160 GB drive. There are three Microsoft program ISO images on the 160 GB drive and I am copying these to my network drive and then deleting them from the 160 GB drive. These are just back up copies of the Microsoft software that I was given free from school. There are a few other folders I can first delete on the 160 GB drive

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