Thursday, July 10, 2008

One of these computers I traded for works and is complete.

So I traded away my Sun Ulltra 5 and got two 1U servers, three mid sized towers and one Dell laptop in exchange. I also traded a Peavey Stereo EQ. The stereo EQ cost 99 dollars and was really a mistake as it was a monster and very old. When I can afford it I will buy a proper modern EQ for our music gear set up. So I was testing out these computers and one of the towers seems to be missing a hard drive. One of the towers is a Dell Pentium III 600 Mhz machine and it works and is complete. It has an 80 GB hard drive. I installed Debian 4.0 r3 on it and set it up for someone who I will donate it too.

For the servers I bought a Pentium M processor for one of them and got that in the mail, installed it and it starts up but does not post. The other 1U server is a Sun Fire v120 and for that I bought two hard drives 18 GB models 4177, the right hard drives with caddies. I am waiting for those to arrive in the mail. Other than that I have done no work on the servers. I need to learn more about operating servers.

The Dell laptop needs a power supply and is a Pentium II computer and has one USB port and a Modem.

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