Thursday, May 08, 2008

The eMac2 is having troubles but fixes are being attempted and emergency critical backups have begun for right now in case of further failure.

I was making some backups on the eMac2 using backup files from the 2006 user folder on one of the USB drives. Then a DVD being used as media failed to eject. Then the finder would not respond. The computer has been like this for almost two weeks, without a finder. So the thoughts of backing up the present files were quickly brushed aside as the finder could not be used.

I did think last night to access the folders remotely using the Macbook1. So slowly late last night I have been copying the email folder and mail download folder off of the eMac2. I have shut off the email and the plan is to use the email software on the Macbook now.

Speaking of changing email software, I did loose a little email for about 1 hour's worth of incoming email on the Linux machine when I thought of switching to Linux for a main email computer. But I should learn to copy Mac Mail to Linux and also to Thunderbird email software on Vista. I still do not have a way of transferring email between operating systems other than Netscape email. I am hoping Thunderbird can do this too as Netscape is now closed as a company. This reminds me I need to access Netscape downloads and download some historical copies of the browser.

After my back up I will try to read all this email in the IBM under both Linux and also Vista. If this works I will try to load all the email into Solaris but I doubt there is room on the old Solaris box

I am also remotely deleting the last folder made on the eMac2 which was the burn folder for the backup I was trying to make. I am hoping that when this burn folder is deleted the finder will work again. If this does work out this way the situation will be less critical.

The only follow up may be simply increases the backup frequency for the eMac in future. I guess I would also stop burning disks on the eMac2 and try to avoid a similar problem in the future. I may also continue to follow through on switching some main computer tasks off of the eMac2 and onto a different but newer computer.

I can also just look up how to manually eject the DVD and that may solve the problem too.

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