Friday, February 08, 2008

I downloaded Adobe InDesign to learn.

I downloaded a trial copy of Adobe InDesign to learn for a job at work. The problem now is version conflict. The tutorial book I have from work covers a version and, in fact, the versions of InDesign we use at work are not the same as the latest offering from Adobe. This could cause problems. Oh well I will install this latest version on my Macbook running Leopard. I read too at Adobe's web site that Dreamweaver 8 which I bought for my Macbook may give me problems under Leopard and Adobe will be offering no help with these problems. There is a solution to this and that is to uninstall Dreamweaver from the Macbook and install it on my eMac. But I have not yet found Dreamweaver to be a problem under Leopard. So if I did not have to learn this for work I would not be installing it on the Macbook and learning it. I would be using Open Source software all the way. Then again, this is learning that is work related.

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