Friday, March 30, 2007

I programmed in two different languages this morning.

Although Stella is not really a language but more of an environment I did some programming in Stella yesterday evening. It really just involved conditional statements to create a game simulation which is the main part of my term paper in my economic systems design course. So having done the base game last night I must now add populations and algorithms for choosing game strategies based on our course material. For now I have a different strategy selection rule and maybe I could examine this strategy selection rule and describe the solutions and pay offs as an original alternative to copying the course material.

I also programmed in R and again made a simulation but this time did in fact copy the code from a professor although I did the copying from memory and actually researched in R help files each command and created more to the program than the professor had written quickly on the blackboard on Wednesday. So it may not have taken my complete own initiative but in the end I programmed in the sense of implementing some code and getting it to work. To complete this R project I must design a graph of the results and then do a write up for a general non expert audience.

Since writing my first entry today on this blog I have rewritten my web master resume using

and printed and proof read 1 copy of the new resume. I will now email it and some other documents to my work email and go in early this morning to work to complete this job application.

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