Saturday, February 03, 2007

Nothing much new on my home machines, but I did continue with the redesign of my home office.

I have not been doing much new with my home equipment. I just did some back ups of the Macbook. I will also check on doing some back ups of the eMac too this weekend. I may play some Second Life later today or over night.

I did help my neighbour by transfering the old files and folders from her Win 95 machine to her Thinkpad. I also got the Thinkpad outlook express working for her email. She paid me a bottle of alcohol which I gave away to another radical graduate student.

In my web master job I set up some blogs for more people using moveable type at yahoo hosting. I also gave these people a teaching session in person to explain blogging and get them interested. They gave me their on-line nick names during the in person session and I set up most of thier blogs now and just need to set up one more blog.

I cleaned up my office some more and am getting a fresh look to my office.

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