Monday, September 25, 2006

I am burning three back up DVD's of the Mac Book documents folder from July 1st, 2006. I copied this folder to my eMac from my firewire drive. I will then delete the folder from my firewire drive at the end of September, October 1st. I will also power up my iPod this morning. I will also delete the back up of my eMac music folder which is on the firewire drive and then make a another back up. I don't need to be all that secure with my music folder back up. I certainly don't need to obssess about it. For other IT projects at home right now I am still emptying the trash on my eMac.

I am able to see a USB drive on my Linux laptop. This means I can now share files and back up my Linux laptop.

I am considering purchasing a portable printer and getting a bluetooth option for it. I have bluetooth on my Mac Book and might also get it for my Thinkpad. I might also get a bluetooth module for my eMac. Speaking of the eMac I have been thinking of getting an Airport Express card where I can play my iTunes on my stereo. But I have a docking port for the iPod and have it connected to my living room stereo so can already play my iTunes on my stereo. As I move to the office and out of my living room with my computers I might also get a stereo for the office although I don't really need this and in fact have Mozart playing on the eMac in the office just fine at the moment. In terms of the printer I might prefer to get a laser printer that can print on both sides. These I think are on sale at the moment too at one shop.

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