Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I won the RAM and probably saved 100$ on buying this RAM by buying it on ebay.

I am building a new web space using Dreamweaver MMX and hosting it at yahoo small business web hosting. I also have my own moveable type blog on this site. I made an index page and one internal page now and started the blog. I will use the site for creative design but will stick with a minimalist style both technically and graphically. I might also have time to explore the server side technologies I can use with this hosting deal. But it will also be used for creative academic writing and has a very cute and already creative domain name. It is at Now isn't that a creative name? Ok may be not but it sure wasn't just my idea for a name. I borrowed it from various scholars of science and technology studies in particular Donna Haraway. I also used the creative commons license to copyright it and this is my first use of this license.

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