Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I have the credit to buy a new laptop from futureshop. I also have the credit to buy a refurbished IBM from But of these sources are selling these laptops at higher costs than elsewhere and also this would be on credit which would be costlier in the long run too. I am getting more into buying music equipment these days.

My eMac computer is still working ok although MS Internet explorer is a bit buggy these days. The broken laptop can be my windows machine. And my used iBook might be here this week. So there is really no need for a new machine right now. I have at least two more computers here that can surf the net. I am keeping all my email on the eMac these days and can also back up this email. I also now have access to DVD burners at school and will be buying some blank DVD's and making some DVD backups soon. I may do that this weekend. I would use my 20GB USB drive to copy files off the eMac and thern burn them to DVD at school on the Learning Commons computers now available in our library.

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