Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I need to start thinking about monthly back ups again. This time I think I will burn two CD's for the PC one with email and one with my own files. Second I will burn one CD or two for my Macintosh. I will also print out my blogs on Canada day. I need to buy some more recycled paper and will pick that up today at Staples. I have plenty of ink that I bought at school.

I started to download podcasts. I tried the inside mac radio show and searched some Canadian podcasts. There was an interesting graduates podcast in Canada but I could not get it to work in the iTunes music store. I am only trying free podcasts so far. The inside mac podcast lead me to some mac support sites that I could buy memory at.

I bought a clamshell iBook on ebay. It cost 250$ CND. I managed after about a week or surfing, searching and bidding to get an iBook that is in good shape and costs less than others that were sold this past week. The seller's feedback is only 1 though so I am taking a bit of a risk but the person seems alright and the deal will be paid for tomorrow. The delivery will be by UPS. This iBook will need more memory and also perhaps I could install a 40 or 60 GB hard drive. I would also need a copy of Mac OS X Tiger to put on the new hard drive. That is my next big mac software upgrade to my Macs.

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