Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I did not use the Palm actually in the field. We used printed copies of our book inventory. I had some problems with the inventory file on the palm. I transfered some lecture power points to the palm but needed to install power point 97 onto my laptop. I now have installed the complete Office 97 on the laptop.

I got a free DVD at the Montreal Anarchist bookfair about the terrorist attacks in the USA. I got a 512 memory stick duo to listen to songs on the PSP. I also got a new SD 256MB card for my palm.

I have not really used Snapper much but it is my choice for an email application on the palm. I had some tech help from them to get it working on the palm.

I checked out the new Life Drive from Palm. I will have to wait until the price drops but am actually not interested in the featues of the newest palm. I prefer to have a mini keyboard so my upgrade path will be to the Treo 650 in a year or two.

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