Sunday, April 03, 2005

I ran my IBM PC server with Fedora as a workstation all day. I did email with it. I surfed ebay and other ecommerce web sites. I also updated my blogs at blogspot with it. I kept my laptop in use right beside it for school work mostly. I regularly switched back and forth between the two machines.

I did a lot of printing today. I printed a 124 page document mostly with 12 pages per sheet of paper by printing 6 pages side by side on one side of a sheet and then six pages side by side on the other side of the sheet. I also printed about 30 sheets containing a 61 page document actually a pdf of my lecture notes for tomorrow´s class. And now I am printing more wastefully my honours paper of 40 pages a page per sheet. So all in all I printed about 12+15+40 = 67 sheets of paper today. I read about 6 of these sheets. I also printed a few others sheets.

But this last 40 page document is mostly my own writing and in one week will be rewritten to be almost only my writing. It will be submitted next Monday as my honours final essay. It is just printing out right now and I will read it before going to sleep.

I ran some R code today and managed the 10 fold cross validation and a simple neural net. I also read histograms and did a brut force catagorization tree and plan to do some R code tomorrow that implements this tree on the ten fold cross validation. The comparisom was of histograms for two catagories and this allows one to see when one variable is higher than the same variable for another catagory. Yes trees are very initutitve.

I also read a little about cyborgs and feminism this weekend and all week on the buses I have been reading about women students in the computer sceince program at Carnegie Melon University.

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