Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My regularly scheduled back ups happen later today. I did manage to install Fedora Core 3. I also was sucsessful at installing Debian 3 r2 again on a 486 laptop. I had messed up the laptop using deselect trying to get X windows working the last time on that IBM 360SC. I am offering a friend this computer as a command line machine for web surfing at high speed using Lynx and vi for his needs. I have told him to get a copy of Linux for dummies quick reference first before I give him the computer. I paid 2$ for this book at our school bookstore and will look for another copy or two or three later today for giving away in my computer help work.

I have been doing school work on the win XP computer using MATLAB and also open office and also SAS. I have also been doing web mastering using Dreamweaver now.

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