Thursday, June 10, 2004

I may need to use R for statistics. R is available for GNU. Therefore I need to get a GNU machine working.

I have installed the base system and I think a few compilers on the Thinkpad 360SC. So I have a functioning basic Linux system now.

Xandros is now available as a free download. This was mentioned on the Ottawa Canada Linux users Group email list today by someone from Xandros. I will download it later.

Today I have to use a data projector at school. I will play a slide show from Open Office on my laptop and show my presentation on GIS and emergency response in class tonight. I have also printed the slides on paper using a laser printer at the school's library. I printed on both sides of the page. I chatted with Heather Cross our library help person. She has a sociology MA and a Law and sociology BA from Carleton.

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