Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I helped a friend who is a computer gamer with his high speed connection yesterday. I failed to connect him though. Another mutual friend was there and we got to talking pirate software and I brought up Linux. They asked me to get them Linux for Christmas. I had them agree to paying about 30$ each for some low end pentiums with Linux installed as a Christmas project. I found some Pentium 200Mhz computers in Compaq cases for 30$ each no hard drives. They have 64MB ram. I will need to find some 2GB drives for them. Ebay I guess.

I am hoping to get some stacking milk crate like file folder holders from staples to clean up my computer room.

I have been using my palm and my Red Hat 6.2 box. I have also been using my eMac a lot. Tomorrow I get help configuring X windows on my duron computer.

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