Sunday, October 19, 2003

I got Debian 3 installed without xwindows. I hope to tweek the Xwindows into existence later this week. So this week has seen me burn the 6 Red Hat 9 disks and two Debian three disks on the eMac. Also this week my IBM thinkpad started to get slow. I started to install DVD software from Spiderman, the Matrix and Hackers on it. I could and could not use Yahoo messenger properly with the TP this week.

Well, I have to do some photocopying so I am getting ready to scan with an Adobe product, convert with photoshop, email to the TP and print on the Epson. This is for personal accounting.

I sold my Mac Centris 650 with Apple Plus Monitor and Global Village 33.6 Speaker phone fax modem and Stylewriter 1200 for 50$. I included Claris Works 4.0. This was sold to a fellow who has never owned a computer before.

I met him on the back ward of a psychiatric hospital in 1990, so I won't mention his name.

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