Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I am back home. My laptop got used to edit my blog while I was away.

My brother told me about the MIT university open courseware site http://ocw.mit.edu/index.html.

I finished printing all the readings for my presentation on the creation and reform of hacker laws for Thursday, October 2nd. The presentation is then a week later on the 9th. I am basically ok now in LAWS4305 just waiting for my first marked asssignment back this Thursday. I have been steadily working on this course.

I got my LAWS3205 textboook yesterday and have read the first article in the book last night. Consumer law is very narrow in its focus. It also does not have a fixed rule based structure yet.

I am reading a history of anarchism, entitled Anarchism by Richard D. Sonn, HX 828 S636. Like any English person, I don't trust the name Richard. That is based on Richard the third and his murderous ways.

I am staying up late with no school or work tomorrow. I am going to buy a music book for a friend's birthday tomorrow. I am also meeting with some worker's defense people later in the evening. I gave a little interview about an old collective tonight to a fellow worker.

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